Feds announce biggest-ever Medicare fraud, totaling $450 million

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Federal prosecutors have charged 107 people, including doctors and nurses, in seven U.S. cities, accusing them of taking part in schemes to cheat the Medicare system out of $452 million through phony billing. Authorities are calling this the largest one-day takedown ever by the government’s Medicare fraud task force. Continue reading

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Florida Doctors Get Law Training To Improve Patient Care

A recently published article sheds some light on the importance of intertwining medicine and law into your daily practice.   The legal ramifications imposed on even the slightest of missteps can be devastating to a doctor’s career.  For this reason alone, it is essential that physicians and legal professionals work together to achieve better healthcare for their patients, reducing their own risk in the process.  Continue reading

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Still don’t think you need to retain legal defense when Going Bare? Think Again.

A study issued in November 2011, from the American Medical Association (AMA), found the average expense paid to defend a medical liability claim in 2010 was $47,158.  The study also found that 2 out of every 3 claims were dropped, dismissed, or withdrawn without compensation. Yet, even in those circumstances the average expense paid to handle that superficial claim was still a hefty $26,851!

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To avoid paying exorbitant fees on senseless lawsuits click here

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Florida bill would make doctors, health centers post prices

Restaurants have menus, retailers have pricetags and soon, Florida doctors could have price boards.

Legislation in Tallahassee would force doctors and some medical care centers to post signs of about 3-feet-by-5-feet in their waiting rooms showing the prices to be charged a person paying out of pocket. Charges for the insured vary by policy and wouldn’t be posted.

“The cost of health care is a big mystery. Nobody knows how much health care costs. We need some clarity,” said Rep. Richard Corcoran, R-Trinity, the sponsor of one of the bills. “When consumers are price-conscious, they shop around, and there’s competition. That lowers costs and gives better quality.”

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More GYNs opening minds, offices to transgender patients

Like many in his community, S.F. Makalani-MaHee spent a lifetime avoiding doctors — particularly the gynecologist, a physician who specializes on an area of the body that has always felt foreign to him.

Born a female but identifying as a man, the Fort Lauderdale community activist dreams of having surgery to complete a transition fulfilled in every other way but one: He still has a woman’s genitalia. Changing that would mean going to the doctor and risking the very experiences he has long dreaded: ugly incidents that experts and studies say are all too common for the transgender community. Continue reading

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OB/GYN Fraud Alert – State and Federal Authorities Prosecuting Physicians For Claims Related To Non US FDA Mirena IUDs

In 2009 and Arkansas physician, and just last month a physician in Jacksonville, Florida, were indicted for Health Care Fraud related to claims submitted to Federal Health Care Programs for Bayer manufactured intra-uterine devices sold under the Mirena name.  Apparently there are also a number of such investigations currently under way related to such purchases.   The fraud, as alleged by authorities, relates to the use of Non-FDA approved devices, which can be purchased from Canadian and other internet pharmacies at nearly half the cost of the products in the United States. Continue reading

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Pharmacy – The Next Wave of Enforcement

The first wave of enforcement in the quest by the State of Florida and the DEA to alleviate the problem of prescription drug abuse has focused largely on physicians.  Now, although the physician “pill mill” problem still receives a lot of attention, the State and DEA (while not doing victory laps yet) have cut substantially into the problem. Either by stopping or scaring out of business a large number of rouge pain management practices. Continue reading


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